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Starting Your Fitness Journey? Great. Read This First!

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So you recently took a walk down memory lane, saw some great photos of yourself when you were in far better shape, and you’ve decided once and for all that you want to be that person again. Congratulations! Now where do you start? From the beginning, of course. Starting a fitness journey might seem easy to someone who’s worked out for years but has gotten away from a regular exercise routine. That’s because they have a foundational understanding of exercise and nutrition. It’s just a matter of getting back into their groove again.

Here Are The Top 5 Tips To Jump Start Your Fitness Journey

Set SMART Goals

Fitness JourneyWhat’s your goal? This is one of the most crucial tips when it comes to starting a fitness journey. If you set general or vague goals, you will undoubtedly become overwhelmed or distracted. Set SMART GOALS: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals to maximize your success.

What’s Up Doc

See your doctor before you start. You might feel like you’re healthy enough to start an exercise program or diet. But just because you feel good doesn’t mean you’re healthy. It’s a good idea to get a thorough physical before you begin so you can rule out any underlying medical conditions. Doing so will also help you raise awareness of your current condition so you can modify, and adjust your specific fitness goals.

Oh, You Sexy Huh

Wearing great looking fitness apparel is all the rage right now. Heck, some outfits look super cool enough for running errands on your non-gym days! All that said, you don’t need a fancy wardrobe to workout. All you truly need are sweat-wicking, dry-fit, comfortable fabrics that allow your body to move freely. You should also invest in quality footwear. If your shoes have a lot of miles on them, have holes, or aren’t specifically designed to fit the needs of your new fitness goals, it’s important to get fitted for a new pair of shoes.

It Takes Two

One of the reasons trainers have jobs is that starting a fitness journey is difficult. You don’t have to do this alone. A trainer can be an invaluable resource to assess your current fitness level and safely navigate you along your fitness journey. But you won’t need to use a trainer 24-7. If you are someone who needs constant accountability and instruction, by all means, hire one! But ultimately most people simply need maintenance and initial instruction to help them build a safe foundation of basic fitness concepts.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

What type of activity excites you? What are your hobbies? Did you use to play sports when you were younger? If you can find what you love when it comes to exercising, then stick to workouts that resemble activities. Fitness isn’t easy but it can be enjoyable, and you will be more likely to stay consistent when your exercise brings you happiness.

Wherever you are when it comes to starting a fitness journey, we all can relate and understand the frustration, anxiety, confusion and overwhelming feelings that are associated with this lifestyle decision. This doesn’t have to be too difficult, and the club is committed to helping you get back to being that fit person you want to be again. We’re cheering you on each step of the way!