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Exercise Motivation: How to Get Yourself to the Gym

Energize Your Get-Up-and-Go with Theses Ideas from Our Baltimore Gym

You know you should go to the gym today, but. . . there are a few things you’d rather do instead. It’s easy to fall off the working out wagon. All it takes is a few days of decreased exercise motivation, and all the of the sudden, you’re back to your old habits. Since it’s a lot easier to keep up a habit than it is to restart a stalled one, keeping up your motivation to workout and to hit the gym is essential. There are a few ways you can trick yourself into exercising, even on those days when you’d rather do anything else.

How to Rev Up Your Exercise Motivation

Put On Your Workout Gear

Exercise Motivation BodySometimes, getting ready to go the gym is the entire battle. When you just don’t feel like exercising, put on your yoga pants or running shorts, then see how you feel. After you’ve taken the time to get ready, you might as well head out for a workout.

Investing in workout clothes you feel proud or happy to wear can also help increase your exercise motivation. For example, if you buy a pair of pricey, stylish yoga pants, you’re going to want people to see you in them, even if that means actually going to yoga class. Not owning enough workout clothing, such as just one sports bra and one pair of running shorts, can also keep you from getting to the gym. Go ahead and stock up. When you have enough fitness gear to get you through a week, you’ll have no excuse for skipping the gym.

Combine Gym with TV

Tying your workout to a reward can give you a bit of motivation to hit the gym. If you often find yourself skipping your workout to watch your favorite show, try combining your gym time with TV time. You can bring a tablet or smartphone with you while you run on the treadmill or use the stationary bike while catching up on a show on Netflix or Hulu. You’ll come to associate gym time with your favorite things, and will actually be excited about exercise.

Get a Buddy

Some people don’t mind letting themselves down but feel intense guilt when they flake on others. If that’s you, find a friend or coworker to exercise with. Pick someone who’s as motivated as you are to actually workout. If you choose someone who’s going to bail or skip going to the gym, it won’t help you much. Choose a few times each week to hit the gym together, and actually, do it

Make Working Out as Easy as Possible

The easier it is to get ready and go to the gym, the more likely you’ll be to do it. Just as you might lay out your work clothes the night before, set out your gym clothes before you go to bed. Plan your route to or from work so that you drive by the gym. If you’re driving by it already, and your workout gear is right there, you’ll have no excuse for skipping out.