padonia gym members in trx group classes using suspension bands and kettlebells
Fitness Tip

Finding Time, Making Time, Get There, Your Life and Health is in The Balance.

Take Steps Toward Better Health & Weight Loss in Baltimore. Let’s Do This!

Finding time for fitness in this busy world where we all have too many jobs not wearing tights can be challenging. I’ve asked around in my professional group of ultra healthy, cut and jacked how they get to it and the results may surprise you.

First and in my mind, most important is to put workouts on PRIORITY STATUS. This means there is no choice about going. It is scheduled, there are measurable, attainable goals attached to it, and it is not up for debate. Anyone who wants to have your ear during that hour, have them straddle up beside you on the next treadmill.

Your Life and Health is in The Balance.

A goal is critical.

It can be whittling down that waist circumference. Men no more than 35″, ladies 30″, else we are tending toward metabolic syndromes, blood sugar issues, and the dreaded cortisol induced belly fat. Keep that tape measure on the bathroom doorknob, keep an eye on it, it will make you slip into your Nikes instead of your slippers.

Pick a Time and stick to it.

One of my most fit friends is that morning person, there at the gym at 4AM. His days are wild with travel and upper management issues, so he knows that if he doesn’t get there for some reason, or lets it go, he makes it up on Saturday. It is good to build in that Plan B, forgive oneself, move on, but make it up. I prefer evenings when I don’t have to run and leave too quickly. The population isn’t so dense than, and the club becomes your own. We all have our time that works best, and people know when to find you, as well. It becomes your town center.

Meet a friend, join a class.

It is more fun, it is on the schedule, and you will hold each other accountable. Brick Bodies has a full schedule of fantastic classes with top-notch fitness professionals who will adopt you, encourage you, a few of these folks, especially in Zumba and Body Jam, have become true friends, people whom I cannot wait to see! I’m not going to forget my high tops on those days, don’t want to miss a thing with them!

time classes

ACCOUNTABILITY is a topic in its own right.

Results amplify when one has someone to answer to, and there are programs for this at Brick Bodies as well. Keep a calendar of your fitness, keep your numbers, and chat with your fitness counselor. They are as invaluable to your health as your doctor! Let them in, they will become your advocate, and often your friend and confidante. Let the stress down. Yet another way to relieve that cortisol load, that darned hormone that wrecks our middle.

So go ahead, get that bikini, biking, kicking body in shape. Say YES to yourself. Get a coach, give it real time, enjoy every minute of it, and say hi to me, in cardio every night, lifting and dancing at Padonia and Rotunda almost every night. Let’s do this!!

If you need help or advice on all things mind or body, movement, fitness and fab, call me (410) 628-2600. I’m always here for you, or at Brick Bodies!

My best for you,
Dr. Barbara Downes