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Lose Weight Swimming with These 3 Fun Aquatic Workouts

Take the Plunge: Aquatic Training in Baltimore is Great for Weight Loss

When you watch Olympic swimmers, it’s hard not to notice their physique. There’s hardly a shred of fat on any professional swimmers because few workouts demand more on the body than having to power yourself through the water. It’s possible to lose weight swimming at a much faster rate than many other workout routines. Swimming can be more than just going up and down the lanes, though. Here’re some workouts that make you feel like a kid in the pool all over again.

Lose Weight Swimming with These THREE Timeless Aquatic Workouts

1. Endless 50s

Lose-Weight-Swimming-BodyChallenging yourself is the basis behind getting better in any physical activity. Since you can time yourself while swimming thanks to the giant clocks nearby, you can challenge yourself to find your personal best and come close to it. One favorite workout for the pros is the endless 50s: swim 50 meters and time yourself, then add five seconds. This is your target time, and another five seconds is your allowed time. How many sequences can you swim by hitting your targeted time without going over the allowed time? You might be surprised — and exhausted — after just a few attempts.

2. Water Polo

The best exercise comes when you’re pushing yourself to win rather than paying attention to your heart rate. Water polo is a demanding sport, but an incredibly fun one as well. Challenge yourself to pass and shoot while treading water, then try to stop the opposition from doing the same. Water polo players can burn between 400 and 800 calories per hour, meaning that a game every other day will shed a pound from your weight after just a week. What’s more, playing team sports increases your effort level because you’re aware that your teammates are relying on you, so you can really lose weight swimming while playing Waterpolo. 

3. Floating Noodle Lap

It may sound silly, and it may look silly, but there’s nothing silly about burning away fat. Straddle a pool noodle in an L shape and use your arms to propel yourself backwards. Not only does this reverse breaststroke get your heart rate up to the max, but it also improves your balance as you adjust to the way that the noodle moves with you. Falling into the water a few times to get a hang of it is nothing to be ashamed of!