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Confessions of a Foodie: The Business of You

February 16, 2015 By: Vanessa Craddock

Have you ever eaten something decadent and beaten yourself up about it afterward? Or missed your exercise routine for several days or weeks and felt wracked with guilt? Isn’t it human to want a time out now and then when you can let down your guard and enjoy yourself without restrictions? The answer is probably…

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Confessions of a Foodie in Europe

November 1, 2013 By: Vanessa Craddock

I was a woman on a mission, and with any mission, you show up prepared.  You wouldn’t go to a gun fight without a gun, throw a pool party without a pool, or vacation in Paris without fine dining.  Not if you are me.  So, I needed a plan. The internet had plenty of websites…

Which Came First…the Habit or the Goal?

February 18, 2012 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

Last year my golf game was really disappointing. All winter I worked to stay in shape and condition my legs for a great year of chasing the elusive spheroid. What did it get me? Nada, nothing, except a large tab at the nineteenth hole. The only glimmer of hope was my putting. Then came August…

Too worn out to workout? It might be…

February 4, 2012 By: Barbara Downes

 Adrenal Fatigue.  This is not a diagnosis you are likely to receive from your ‘regular’ doctor, although it is quite likely what you are suffering if you are sick and tired.  In fact Adrenal Fatigue presents differently in different people, thus making it quite difficult for a simple diagnosis.  In addition, there is no pharmaceutical money to be…

Elsey Curtis – I-Jumpin’!

January 27, 2012 By: Elsey Curtis

In spite of loving the members, staff, and unique atmosphere at The Square, I was overwhelmed with an immediate case of workout envy after visiting my grand daughter’s gym.  Certain differences between her fitness center and mine were obvious.  Natural sunlight streamed through the extensive glassed-in length of her building and set a positive tone…

Ron Swanson – A Serendipity in the War Against Diabetes

December 30, 2011 By: Ron "Commish" Swanson

This morning, Makai, my giant Anatolian Shepherd and I were walking…. So begins most of my blogs in the Bad Golfers Association blogsite. However post-surgery Mak and I could not take our early morning walks since he is strong enough to pull me as if I was on roller blades and the Doc forbids me…

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New Rear for the New Year! Part II

December 23, 2011 By: Lynne Brick

Special thanks to our members and staff at Brick Bodies Padonia for sharing their favorite gluteal exercise! Merry Fitness and Happy New Rear! Now that it’s officially the “end” of the year, I invited a few of our members and staff to share their favorite gluteal exercise to build their “happy new rear.”  Perhaps some…

Whether you exercise or not, this tip can help prevent cancer, Part II

November 25, 2011 By: Lynne Brick

In part I, I discussed that even though you may get 30 minutes of cardio every day, if you spend the rest of your day sitting, you may be at higher risk of developing cancer. Recent research is indicating that sitting for prolonged periods of time increases your risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer and…

Whether You Exercise or Not, This Tip Can Help Prevent Cancer

November 11, 2011 By: Lynne Brick

If you are reading this tip or watching this tip on You Tube, are you sitting? Don’t. Get up off your seat and get up on your feet! Even if you are an avid exerciser, listen up.  Recent research indicates that sitting for prolonged periods of time increases your risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer…

Elsey Curtis – Darker Days? Let there be Light!

October 10, 2011 By: Elsey Curtis

We feel great after intense exercise.  And when the workout is behind us, so gooood! Such sense of accomplishment is ours, especially if we’ve pushed our increasingly diminutive girth out the door and made it to the gym in dismal, rainy weather.  After raising our endorphins through vigorous activity, we’re happy.  Or maybe not. What…

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